About us
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Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., LTD., founded in 2002, is a wholly-owned enterprise of Jianfa Stock, one of the top 100 listed companies (Jianfa Group Holdings, Fortune 500)。In 2006, the company focused on steel supply chain operation, and has developed into a top enterprise in the scale of operation in the industry。In 2022, steel sales exceeded 26 million tons, and operating revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan for two consecutive years。The compound annual growth rates of steel sales volume and operating income from 2014 to 2022 are 28% and 32% respectively。

Industry status: In 2018, it ranked the second place in the comprehensive list of "China's Top 100 steel Trade Enterprises" and the first place in the plate list。


The company in the major regions of the country 35 cities set up points layout, has long-term stable customers and logistics suppliers throughout the country, is the domestic large and medium-sized steel mills long-term partners, and the core steel mills cooperation steel volume sales are more than 1 million tons per year。


Service products: logistics service, information service, financial service, business service。

By integrating logistics, information, finance, commodities and market resources for steel mills and customers, the company plans supply chain operation solutions, and provides "LIFT supply chain service" integrating four elements of "L logistics, I information, F finance and T business", committed to continuously improving service value。