Corporate news
The climax of the 35th anniversary tribute to the Metal Company

December 7, 2015, cloudy to light rain, Xiaoping Forest Park

The small flat early in the morning
The cold rain beat at random
Metal and steel are moving in tandem
Describe a climax for the 35th anniversary celebration of China Development Group
Offer a great feast of the spirit of steel


(At Siu Ping Shan in the early morning, the temperature is 5 degrees below the island and rain is falling.)

(All ready to go, gathered in Xiaoping to cheer for the 35th anniversary of China Development Group)

Team development

(山峰队合影 “山峰山峰 勇攀高峰!”)

(Steel splashing team lever to challenge the limits of the body)


(steel through body soft soft ~)

(The mountain is not the red flag fluttering ~)

(Guess what I'm gonna do)

Insist on squeezing,Ծ‸Ծ)

(cobble quest rewards Collect anniversary logo)

Successfully completed (`・ω・´)