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Party branch general election

        In accordance with the stock Party Committee "on the adjustment of the four comprehensive four branches and other four Party branches of the notice" requirements, the metal company branch in the afternoon of May 11 in the Jianfa Building 23 floor No. 3 conference room Party members meeting, the branch committee re-election。After the adjustment of the organizational structure, there are 23 members of Metal Branch, including 22 who have the right to vote, 21 who participate in the election, and the other 2 who do not participate in the election because of business trip. The meeting is presided over by Zhang Hao, a member of the organization。
        First of all, Chen Miao, deputy director of the Party Office, read out the Reply on Approval of the re-election of the Metal Company Branch Committee of the Communist Party of China (2017) No. 16 of the Party.。Then, according to the organizational regulations and election methods, the General assembly held a secret ballot, according to the election vote, Zhang Qinghua, Zhang Hao, He Weiwei elected as the new branch members。
        Zhang Qinghua, the newly elected party secretary, gave a speech。On behalf of the newly elected branch Committee, he first expressed his gratitude to all party members for their trust and support。For the future work, he put forward two points of opinion: 1, further improve and strengthen the construction of branch。2. Combine Party affairs with actual operation and management to promote operation and development。He pointed out that this year is the party work and management work tasks are very heavy。In the New Year, facing a higher goal, all Party members in the future work, must be a new style, good style, excellent work, first-class performance, to share the Party committee, to the company to hand over a satisfactory answer。
        Chen Yuehua, chairman of the steel Division, also congratulated the newly elected members of the branch committee。She pointed out that the theoretical study of party members should be normalized and institutionalized, and theory should be combined with practice to promote the development of work。I hope that the new branch Committee will lead Party members to continue to carry forward the brand of iron and steel party building。