Corporate news
Steel sales exceeded 10 million tons for the first time, with a revenue of 31.8 billion

         From January to October 2017, the sales volume of Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., Ltd. exceeded 10 million tons for the first time, reaching 1,003.80,000 tons, the turnover of 31.8 billion, the year-on-year growth of 46% and 123%, the annual compound growth rate of about 30% in the past 10 years。

         As the steel supply chain operator of China and Development Group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, China and Development Metal has been focusing on the steel supply chain operation business for many years, with its business varieties covering hot rolled, cold rolled, medium and thick plate, galvanized, billet, thread, wire, profile and other products. Its service network is all over the country。

The 19th CPC National Congress
It opened a new chapter in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era
Sounded the new era of Jianfa metal continue to work together to develop a new horn
Supply side reform, we will work together
Industry reshuffle, we never give up
Jianfa Metal, your consistent reliable partner

New starting point, new journey, heart service
We remain true to our original aspiration
-- Integrating resources to create added value
We remember our mission
-- Becoming a leading steel supply chain operating service provider
We stick to our strategy
-- Building a "Rubik's Cube N" service system based on four service elements of purchasing and marketing, finance, logistics and information, tailoring personalized supply chain operation solutions for upstream and downstream merchants, and committing to supply chain value-added

General Manager Zhang Qinghua
Vice General Manager Yao Weikun, Fu Guangzhou
General manager assistant Wu Huiming, Chang Jialong, Liu Jian
200 building and developing metal men

Thank all Jianfa metal people for their persistent hard work!
Thank all business partners for their trust and support as always!

Look forward to working with you to create a better future!