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Service | yunan c&d metals qing-hua zhang, general manager of positioning shaanxi business development direction

         The Belt and Road Initiative has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the western economy, as well as to Xi 'an, a historic city that once led the world's economic and cultural center。In response to the national western development strategy, in March 2017, C&D Metal established Shaanxi Business Department in Xi 'an, expanding the iron and steel supply chain operation business to the northwest。

        After a year of rapid development, the business area of Shaanxi Business Department has expanded to Gansu, Ningxia, Henan and other regions besides Shaanxi. The upstream steel plants including Baotou Steel, TiSCO, Shaanxi Steel, Shanxi Jianlong, Shanxi Hongda, etc., and a number of stable downstream customers and terminal customers have been developed。

        In order to accurately locate the development direction of Shaanxi Business Department, General Manager Zhang Qinghua, deputy general managers Fu Guangzhou and Sun Long, assistant general manager Wu Huiming and deputy general Manager Duan Jijun of Changcai Business Department of Jianfa Metal recently went to Xi 'an for investigation。On the basis of listening to the Shaanxi Business Department general Manager Qiu Yongchao and other reports,Zhang Qinghua according to the national layout of Jianfa metal and the regional advantages of Shaanxi business Department,It defines the business positioning and future development direction of Shaanxi Business Department: "Take advantage of the unique location advantages of Xi 'an,Relying on the resource advantage, overall strength and professional service capability of the national layout of the steel supply chain of C&D Metal,Focus on the northwest region including Xinjiang customers integration of steel supply chain required national advantages of resources,Planning supply chain solutions and providing a full range of operational services。By integrating logistics, information, finance, commodities and market resources, we can explore potential value-added opportunities, optimize operation mode, improve operation efficiency, help customers reduce operational risks and create value-added benefits。“”