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C&d metal | build a bridge between the steel mills and the electrical appliances factory service

         Hefei, a strategic dual-node city of "One Belt, One Road" and Yangtze River Economic Belt, is currently the largest gathering place of white goods in China, gathering home appliance companies such as Midea, Gree, Haier, TCL, Meiling, Changhong, Sanyo, as well as well-known automobile companies such as Chery and Jianghuai。In order to serve the largest white appliance cluster in China, Jianfa Metal officially established an office in Hefei in June 2017。

        In order to give full play to the role of Hefei office, General Manager Zhang Qinghua, deputy general managers Fu Guangzhou and Sun Long, assistant general manager Wu Huiming, general manager Chen Ming of Shanghai Cold Plating Department, etc., recently went to Hefei for investigation。

        "At the very beginning, we opened the door of cooperation and actively sought opportunities to cooperate with terminal home appliance and automobile companies。By integrating the resources of upstream steel mills and supporting related financial support, we provide door-to-door steel processing and distribution services, saving the intermediate link for customers and improving the operation efficiency。At present, we have successfully cooperated with well-known domestic household appliances and automobile enterprises through distribution。"Jianfa Metal Shanghai cold plating Department general manager Chen Ming said。

        On the basis of listening to Chen Ming, general manager of Shanghai cold Plating Department, Xu Yao, manager of Hefei office, etc,Zhang Qinghua according to the national layout of the metal business and Hefei's regional advantages,Pointed out the Hefei office in the future direction of efforts: "" As the" China steel trade enterprises 100 "plate ranking the first enterprise,It is the strategic direction of Jianfa Metal to extend the service of high-end plate to household appliance and automobile factory。The entry of home appliances and automobile terminals requires perseverance. We have national advantages in the supply of high-end plate services. Our business in Hefei has just started, and the development prospect is very broad。 The office should make full use of the geographical advantages of Hefei, rely on the advantageous resources, overall strength and professional ability of C&D Metal in the field of steel supply chain, and take the demand of customers as the guidance, to plan supply chain solutions for customers and provide a full range of operation services。通过整合物流、信息、金融、商品、市场五大资源,挖掘供应链环节潜在的增值机会;通过创新服务模式,标准化管理,帮助客户提升运营效率,降低运营风险,创造增值收益。 ”