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China Development Metal and Guangzhou Angang held the signing ceremony of "Party construction and Co-construction"

On the morning of May 14, the signing ceremony of "Party construction and co-construction" between China Development Metal and Guangzhou Angang was held in Guangzhou。

           Zhang Qinghua, Party Branch Secretary and General Manager of Jianfa Metal,支部委员贺薇薇、总经理助理吴辉明、长材事业部副总林伯翊、板材事业部副总黄灿阳、佛山业务部总经理林仲任;鞍钢股份市场营销中心党委书记张鹏、广州鞍钢国际贸易有限公司经理柳军、广州鞍钢国际贸易有限公司厦门分公司经理唐利君等参加了签约仪式。The ceremony was presided over by Tang Lijun, manager of Guangzhou Angang International Trade Xiamen Company。

   Zhang Qinghua, Secretary of the Party Branch and General manager of C&D Metal, and Zhang Peng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Angang's Marketing Center, jointly signed the contract

Liu Jun, manager of Guangzhou Angang International Trading Company, gave a welcoming speech and introduced the Party building Alliance

Zhang Peng, Party secretary of Angang's marketing center, speaks at the signing ceremony

(Zhang Qinghua, Secretary of Party Branch and General Manager of C&D Metal speaks at the signing ceremony)

        Secretary Zhang Qinghua introduced the Party building work of C&D Metal, the Party branch of C&D Metal has been awarded the "Advanced grass-roots Party Organization" by the Committee of the CPC Xiamen C&D Group Co., LTD for many years, and the Party building brand of "C&D Steel Connection" has been awarded the Party building brand of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Xiamen City,The author highly appraised the innovative measure of cross-regional "joint construction" between Guangzhou Angang Steel and C&D Metal。
        Zhang Qinghua said that Angang is the earliest steel production base built in New China, known as "the cradle of China's steel industry" and "the eldest son of the Republic's steel industry"。China Development Metal is a leading steel supply chain operator. The two sides can complement each other in resources and share many common development concepts。China Development Metal and Guangzhou Angang are subsidiaries of state-controlled listed companies,The two sides will build a shared platform for Party building,Use the platform to your advantage,It will further promote the deep cooperation and collaborative development between enterprises of both sides,It can not only promote the improvement of the level of party building,And can promote the improvement of management level,Achieve better and greater development for both sides,Together, we will make new and greater contributions to our country's steel industry。