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China Development Metal and Xingang signed a strategic cooperation agreement&A friendly basketball game

        On the morning of August 4, 2018, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Xingang and Jianfa Metal was held in Changsha. Xiao Zhongdong, assistant general manager of Xingang, and Zhang Qinghua, general manager of Xiamen Jianfa Metal Company signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides。The personnel of Xingang and China Development Metal Corporation attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement。

(Xiao Zhongdong from Xinsteel and Zhang Qinghua from Jianfa Metal signed the strategic cooperation Agreement on behalf of the two parties respectively)

        Xiao Zhongdong, assistant to the general manager of Xingang, said in his speech that although the cooperation time between Xingang and C&D is not long, in a relatively short period of time, the cooperation business scope of both sides is constantly expanding and the cooperation friendship is constantly deepening。This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Xingang. In the course of its 60 years of development, Xingang is inseparable from the strong support and help of its partners, including Jianfa Metal。The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement marks that our cooperation has been raised to a new level and reached a new stage。

        Zhang Qinghua, general manager of the company, said in his speech that the core value of the company is to "integrate resources and create added value。As an advocate and practitioner of supply chain operation, the advantage of C&D Metal lies in that it is better than other enterprises at integrating resources, providing differentiated services, and creating value-added benefits for customers。New Steel Co., LTD is an important strategic cooperative steel enterprise of China Development Metal,We hope to take advantage of the signing of this strategic agreement,Resources shared by both parties,Common development,Jointly cope with the new situation and new changes of the industry,Promote resource allocation in the steel industry,Accelerate the circulation of resources in the industry,Jointly make new and greater contributions to the development of China's steel industry。

(China Development Metal Fu Guangzhou presided over the signing ceremony)

         In the afternoon, Xinsteel and Xiamen Jianfa Metal Company also held a unique friendly basketball game in the gymnasium of Changsha University of Science and Technology。钢铁市场上,建发金属和新钢股份的员工都秉承着积极进取、拼搏向上的精神;球场上,双方的员工们也都是矫健活跃的运动达人。


         Jianfa Metal realized the dream start of 6-0 with the 3 shots of 3 players. However, due to the lack of run-in of the lineup and the continuous leaky joint defense, Xingang repeatedly found the opportunity in the interior empty cut. Xiao Zong passed accurately to assist, and Xingang soon realized the victory in the first quarter。After the metal team to make timely adjustments, after the two sides alternate score rise。In the end, the new Steel team with the control of the rhythm of the game and inside the greater advantage, to win 63:61。

(Zhang Qinghua presents the championship trophy to Xingang Basketball Team)

(Xiao Zhongdong presents the trophy to Jianfa Metal Basketball Team)

         After the match, Xiao Zhongdong made comments on behalf of both sides。Mr. Xiao said that Xingang and China Development Metal are strategic partners. On the court, we compete to win, and on the market, we pursue win-win cooperation。I hope the friendship and cooperation between the two sides can be further enhanced through this basketball friendly match。

(Leaders of both sides take a group photo with players)