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Xia Wenyong, Party Secretary and Chairman of Xinyu Iron and Steel Group visited Jianfa Metal

          On January 17, Xia Wenyong, Party Secretary and Chairman of Xinyu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. visited our company. General Manager Zhang Qinghua met the guests in the Metal conference room on the 16th floor of Shanghai Jianfa International Building, accompanied by Vice General Manager Fu Guangzhou and leaders of relevant business units。

         Mr. Zhang Qinghua extended a warm welcome to Chairman Xia Wenyong and his delegation for their visit at the beginning of the New Year。He introduced the general situation of China Development Group, China Development Stock and China Development Metal to the guests, and shared the business philosophy of "giving up game, resource sharing, value-added services and pursuing win-win", and the practice and experience of providing "LIFT" supply chain services for customers in the field of steel supply chain。
         Chairman Xia Wenyong spoke highly of the operation and development concept of C&D Metal and its development in recent years。He reviewed the development course of bilateral cooperation and affirmed the rapid development of bilateral cooperation. He hoped that both sides could further expand cooperation and continue to work together in the field of supply chain。
         The two sides exchanged views and reached consensus on the problems to be solved jointly in the cooperation and the future collaborative development, and defined the target of no less than 500,000 tons of cooperation business in 2019。

Chairman Xia Wenyong presented souvenirs to C&D Metal

The two sides took a group photo