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Concentric counterparts To climb high | c&d metals held 2018 annual summary commendation congress and work conference in 2019

        On January 23, 2019, Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., Ltd. 2018 Annual Summary and commendation conference and 2019 work Conference was held in Conference Room 1, 6th Floor, Jianfa International Building。Conference hosted by the assistant general manager liu jian, c&d co Zheng Yongda, iron and steel group, general manager of the relevant leaders and c&d metals and all staff of more than two hundred people attended the conference。

I. General Manager Zhang Qinghua made the report "2018 Work Summary and 2019 Work Plan"
      1、 Eight achievements in 2018
           1. Major economic indicators such as operating revenue, total profit, per capita profit, profit rate, operating efficiency and net cash flow hit new highs;
           (2) The industry influence is further enhanced, ranking the second in the comprehensive list of "China's Top 100 Steel Trade Enterprises", the first in the plate list and the fourth in the building Materials list in 2018;
           (3) to evade and dissolve the market risk effectively;
           (4) Opening up new markets and developing rapidly in the new regions of central and western China;
           (v) Promote the implementation of steel supply chain service brands and lead the initial results of business transformation;
           (6) Innovate internal management and improve administrative efficiency;
           (7) Innovate the employment mechanism and stimulate the team vitality;
           (8) Party building leads the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises。
      2. Strive for new goals in 2019
             One goal: business performance to a new high;
             Two main lines: innovate business model and improve quality and efficiency;
             Three key points: promoting strategy implementation, improving operational efficiency, strengthening team building;
             Four principles: steady management, strict risk control, quality and efficiency improvement, innovation and development。
Ii. The Vice President of the Business Division signs the 2019 annual business plan indicators


Signed (plate division in charge of leading the 2019 operation plan responsibility)


(Responsible leaders of Changcai Business Division sign the 2019 Annual Business Plan Responsibility Letter)

3. Award by winning units and individuals in 2018

(c&d Zheng Yongda general manager work for "outstanding team, the mass transfer efficiency, innovation" the winning team award)

(Chen Yuehua, general manager of Iron and Steel Business Division, presented individual awards to winners of "Management Performance Special Prize, First Prize and Second Prize")

(Zhang Qinghua, General manager of CCF Metal, was awarded the "Excellent Manager Award and Personal Performance Award")

(Sun Long, deputy general manager of C&D Capital presented awards to the "Best Newcomer and Gold Butler" winners)

Fourth, the leader's speech


     Chen Yuehua, general manager of Steel Business Department, said: In the best time to prepare for a rainy day, with a more long-term vision and goals to look at the future development。

    Zheng Yongda, general manager of China Development Corporation, fully affirmed the business performance of China Development Corporation in the past year, expressed thanks to China Development Corporation for its contribution, and put forward hopes and requirements for the work in 2019. He wished China Development Corporation to reach a new high in 2019.

  Struggle, for our new era!