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China Development Metal and China South Materials signed a strategic cooperation agreement&A friendly basketball game


         On the morning of September 15, 2018, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between South China Materials and C&D Metal was held in Xiamen. Li Gang, general manager of South China Materials, and Zhang Qinghua, general manager of Xiamen C&D Metal Company signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties。The personnel of South China Materials and Jianfa Metal Company attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement。Fu Guangzhou, deputy general manager of Jianfa Metal, presided over the signing ceremony。

(Li Gang from Huanan Materials and Zhang Qinghua from Jianfa Metal respectively signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties)

        Li Gang, general manager of Huanan Group, said in his speech that the business cooperation between Huanan Materials and Jianfa Metal is not too long, but the amount of cooperation is increasing year by year。Signing the strategic cooperation agreement with China Development Metal will further promote the business cooperation and collaborative development of both sides from the strategic level。Through strategic cooperation with China Development Metal, both sides can cooperate with each other in resources and complement each other in advantages, especially in upstream resources。

         The signing of the agreement is only the beginning. How to implement the agreement is the top priority of the work of both sides。The two sides should make good coordination and form a sound mechanism to ensure the effective implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement and deliver tangible results。South China Materials is looking forward to the follow-up results。

        Zhang Qinghua, general manager of China Development Metal, pointed out in his speech that the new era, new normal, new challenges and new opportunities require the colleagues in the steel industry to better division of labor and cooperation, mutual cooperation and joint development。We are willing to do our best to provide long-term and valuable services for such enterprises as Huanan Materials Group, which recognize the professional division of labor, have influence and competitiveness in the steel industry, and have the demand for supply chain operation services。

       In the past few years of cooperation between C&D Metal and Huanan Materials, the business cooperation and friendship between the two sides have been continuously expanded。The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement marks a new level of cooperation between the two sides。We believe that both sides will be able to better cope with the new situation and new changes of the industry, better promote the allocation of resources, and better "share resources for common development", which will surely bring the cooperation between the two sides to a new height。


        In the afternoon of the same day, South China Materials and Xiamen Jianfa Metal held a wonderful friendly basketball match in Datong Middle School gymnasium。
Jianfa Metal and Huanan Materials are not only good partners in the steel business, but also the basketball teams of the two sides exchanged their skills。Therefore, the basketball friendly match, both sides pay special attention to the warm-up before the game can feel the serious players。

(Huanan Materials is warming up before the competition)

(Jianfa Metal is discussing pre-competition tactics)

        The game began, South China supplies all the way ahead, overwhelming, high morale, consecutive points, 6-0 ahead。


        In the face of strong opponents, Jianfa Metal timely adjusted tactics, actively respond to the battle, outside interception, block the opponent's attack, actively fight under the basket, "Little steel gun" seize the opportunity to actively break through, score under the basket, and finally achieve zero breakthrough。

(" Little Steel Cannon "Zong Sheng breaks through with the ball and successfully takes the ball to the opponent's basket)

          The "zero breakthrough" greatly boosted the morale of Jianfa Metal team. After the game, the players took advantage of the trend and scored consecutive breakthrough points to achieve a comeback. The halftime lead was 24:11。

        In the next two games, Jianfa Metal became more and more comfortable. At this time, Zhao Ziming, the "little prince of three points", scored 13 points (two two-pointers, three three-pointers) in five shots, successfully changed the atmosphere of the game, Jianfa Metal was suddenly unstoppable。South China materials are not outdone, the score you catch me catch, the wonderful game attracted bursts of applause。Finally, with the tacit cooperation of the team and the super level of the players, Jianfa Metal finally won the game in 47:36。


(Zhang Qinghua presents the trophy to South China Materials Basketball Team)

(Li Gang presents the trophy to Jianfa Metal Basketball Team)

(Group photo of leaders and players of both sides)

                 Jianfa Metal and South China Materials are rivals on the court, the market is partners, friends。The hard work on the court is to let everyone deepen mutual understanding and pave the way for win-win cooperation in the future。It is hoped that through the friendly basketball match, the friendship between the two sides will continue to deepen and the business cooperation will become better and better。

Look forward to working with you to create a better future!