Corporate news
C&f Metal won the "AA class Management Enterprise" qualification of Customs

        Recently, Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., Ltd. has been approved by Xiamen Customs of the People's Republic of China and successfully obtained the "AA Class Management Enterprise" qualification。
         "AA management enterprise" is the highest level (i.e. the highest credit rating) in the customs enterprise management category, enjoying the advantages of the fastest clearance speed and the lowest clearance cost。The successful application of C&D Metal for "AA Class Managed Enterprise" shows that the customs fully affirmed the honest declaration, legal operation and standardized management of C&D Metal for a long time。On the basis of enjoying the original 11 border service measures of "Class A managed enterprise", the company will get many convenient measures such as "tax before release", "lower inspection rate", "no ledger for processing trade", "special customs personnel to coordinate and solve problems" and so on。
        In the future, China Development Metal can also enjoy corresponding treatment in some countries, which will provide great convenience for the company to improve its international trade reputation and expand the international market。