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Baotou Steel Group Chairman Zhou Bingli visited our company


        Recently, Zhou Bingli, chairman of Baotou Steel Group, a group of 5 people visited the construction and development Group。Wang Xianrong, director of China Development Group, Wu Xiaomin, President of China Development Group, Huang Wenzhou, President of China Development Group, Zhang Yongfeng, President of China Development Group, Zheng Yongda, President of China Development Group, and relevant leaders of China Development Metals, China Development Materials and China Development Mining warmly received Chairman Zhou Bingli and his delegation。

        The two sides introduced the operation of their respective groups, exchanged their next development plans, and reached a number of consensus on how to strengthen cooperation, laying a foundation for the further development of bilateral relations from the strategic level。Chairman Zhou Bingli spoke highly of the industry status and business model of China Development Group and expressed his hope to learn the management philosophy of China Development Group。Director Wang Xianrong highly affirmed the product advantages and transformation ideas of Baotou Steel Group, and believed that Baotou Steel Group will be able to stand out in the industry and achieve new heights。

        After the meeting, Chairman Zhou Bingli and his delegation also visited China Development Metals, materials and mining。In China Development Metal Company, Chairman Zhou Bingli and the company's leading group members on the marketing model and performance appraisal system of China Development Metal further exchange。Chen Yuehua, general manager of C&D Metal, hopes to further strengthen the cooperation with Baotou Steel, make full use of the two markets and resources at home and abroad, and jointly deepen the comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship between the two sides。