Corporate news
Jianfa Metal Company was awarded "TOP100 Gold Suppliers of 2014 by Lange Iron & Steel Network".

         Under the auspices of Lange Iron and Steel network, after several rounds of careful and fair evaluation, "Lange Iron and Steel network TOP100 Gold suppliers" evaluation results finally settled。By virtue of professional services and trustworthy management, Jianfa Metal Company was awarded the TOP100 Gold Medal Suppliers of Lange and was awarded the plaque and certificate。The selection of the gold suppliers by the Lange Iron and steel network together with the national main provincial and municipal construction committees, the provinces and cities of steel trade chamber association, downstream steel industry association, large-scale engineering procurement enterprises jointly carried out,The selected enterprises are of a certain size and strength,Supply genuine materials,affordable,Quasi Jin sufficient, service in place of the enterprise,With a high degree of industry authority and recognition。

        Since its establishment in 2002, the company has closely followed the pace of development of the steel industry, conducted in-depth research on the market, actively dealt with risks, actively developed and expanded the management team, and set up points in the main steel distribution centers of the country, and actively expanded the overseas market。Jianfa Metal Company has established the concept of fine management and professional service in the operation, and has established a good reputation among customers and steel mills。

         After years of intensive cultivation, continuous reform and innovation, the operation scale of Jianfa Metal Company has steadily increased year by year。By 2013, the company had sold nearly 4 million tons of steel, with a turnover of more than 10 billion dollars and international trade volume of more than 200 million dollars。This is the company since the implementation of professional operation in 2005, the turnover of more than 10 billion scale for the first time, compared to 2005, the scale of the company increased by 22 times。By 2014, the company has developed into one of the top 50 domestic steel trade, the gold supplier of the industry, the top 50 steel export enterprises, and the AA class enterprise with the highest credit level of the Customs. It has formed strategic cooperative relations with Shougang, Baotou Steel, Tianjin Metallurgical Group and other large steel groups, and the company's capital and resource endowment has been enhanced。In the steel circulation field of profound changes today, the company will focus on the terminal, deepen value-added services, closely follow the pace of steel mill variety adjustment, actively participate in the construction of e-commerce platform, strengthen the Jianfa metal company's deep service ability, in order to play a good role in the bridge between steel mills and customers。