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Chen Yuehua, general manager of Jianfa Metal Company, was invited to be a guest speaker at the 2015 Annual meeting of Lange Iron and Steel Network


         On November 27-28, 2015, "The 11th Bohai Rim Steel Market Forum and Lange Steel Network 2015 Annual Conference" was held in Beijing。Chen Yuehua, general manager of China Development Metal Company, was invited to attend the summit dialogue on "Survival and Development Strategy of Steel Enterprises under New Situation". Chen has been invited as the keynote guest of Lange Annual Meeting for three consecutive years。
         The theme of this forum is "the Transformation and Development of the Steel Market under the New economic and technological Environment". The discussion is about the transformation and development of the steel market under the new normal economic environment。Chen had a warm discussion on the topic with the participants, and mentioned that the growth rate of the real economy is declining, downstream demand is shrinking, and the whole industry is giving back the dividend of 4 trillion yuan in 2008。Chen said that now the steel industry is very difficult, many steel mills are shutting down and reorganizing, mergers and reorganization, the winter of steel is really coming, and this winter is not short term, suggesting that the industry should be prepared to live a few years of bitter days, waiting for the real economy to improve。
        During the period when the entire steel supply chain has no profit space, steel traders should focus on mode transformation and innovation: 1.深入钢铁供应链运营,为终端大客户、工程大客户提供资源、金融、配送、加工等供应链服务;2.关注与挖掘一带一路带来的国际钢材采购的商机;3.Cross-border cooperation, the supply chain and financial instruments such as futures, foreign exchange hedging financial products truly cross-border integration to create new value。
        When talking about how steel circulation enterprises participate in the e-commerce platform, Mr. Chen said that in the Internet era, industry participants should actively embrace the Internet, whether exploring and building e-commerce platforms, or using IT technology to do e-commerce, the mentality should be more open and inclusive。Later, it is also mentioned that doing e-commerce should be close to the enterprise's own strategy and take advantage of the advantages of circulation enterprises to participate in the e-commerce platform appropriately。With export channels and advantages, cross-border e-commerce platforms can be established to form O2O closed loop of international steel trade。
        In the actual operation, Chen believes that steel traders are now facing more and more social credit risks, but also there may be a risk of sustained macroeconomic stall。For social credit risk, Mr. Chen believes that we should learn from many painful experiences and lessons of the industry, gradually establish a three-level risk control body, improve the risk control system year by year through big data, steady operation and strict risk control。We should pay close attention to the risk of sustained macroeconomic stalling and act accordingly。
        In 2016, although the steel industry is generally difficult, but as the foundation of the national industry, there are still many opportunities。Mr. Chen said that in the New Year, the company is looking forward to cooperating with all the friends present here, seeking for reform and development, and going through the long winter of the steel industry together。