Corporate news

        In December 2017, more than 3,000 enterprises gathered in Shanghai, the largest steel industry event ------ Shanghai Steel Association "Top 100 Steel Trade in China" authoritative release: Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., LTD., comprehensive third, plate first, building materials sixth。

Our background

Fortune 500 -- China Construction and Development Group
Top 50 listed companies in China - China Construction and Development Shares
Steel supply chain operation core enterprises
Quality of state-owned enterprises, gold medal guarantee

Our resources

State-owned supplier partner
        Baowu, He Steel, Baotou Steel, Bensteel, Angang, Shougang, Shan Steel, Xinyu, Panzhihua Steel, Maanshan Steel, Angang, Shaanxi Steel, Sangang, Ling Steel, Valin, etc.;
Private supplier partner
        Yan Steel, Jinxi, Ruifeng, East China Sea, Houying, Delong, Shagang, Japan steel, East Asia, cold steel, Shenglong, Jianlong, Hua Hong, Bin Xin, Asia Xin, etc。

Our service

        Jianfa Metal is committed to adding value to the steel supply chain。It has two business divisions and 24 service outlets. Based on the four service elements of purchasing and marketing, finance, logistics and information, it provides customized supply chain solutions and operation services for upstream and downstream customers。By integrating resources, optimizing operation mode, improving operation efficiency, and creating added value for customers。

Our philosophy
        People-oriented development, adhere to the "three stricts and three earnests" standards to select, educate and employ people, practical practice of "professional, efficient, quality, integrity" service concept;
        Party construction peers to help development, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, with the "four doctrines and four practices" standard to interpret the "corporate interests first, personal income legitimate" code of conduct。

Work together for a win-win future

Supply side reform, we will work together
Industry reshuffle, we are in the same boat

General Manager Zhang Qinghua
Vice General Manager Yao Weikun, Fu Guangzhou
General manager assistant Wu Huiming, Chang Jialong, Liu Jian
Thanks to the metal family for their perseverance
Thanks to industry partners for their support
Look forward to working with you to create a better future!