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Building Dream Steel to a new high, Gathering strength forward and setting sail -- 2017 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and 2018 Work Conference of Jianfa Metal

        On February 1, 2018, Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., LTD. 's 2017 Annual Summary and commendation conference and 2018 work conference was successfully held

Simple venue, careful hand ceremony, personal memories

        This is a Jianfa metal family dinner with the main title of "Building Dream Steel, gathering strength and moving forward", and also a ideological feast containing "summary and direction, glory and expectation"。

        Bearing in mind the history of 2017, we closely follow the company's business orientation, embrace the industry reform opportunities, eight major measures, six major results, and open a new chapter of the company's business development, sales of more than 10 million tons, revenue of more than 40 billion。

        In the year of 2018 full of hope, we set out with enterprising heart and empty cup to make up for weaknesses, improve the quality of standard learning, and forge ahead for growth

(20 business department managers signed 2018 annual budget indicators)

        Four market competition strategy, "four-wheel drive" business tactics, to create "four good" core competitiveness, with "nine measures" to strengthen service quality and service efficiency, unswervingly rooted in the steel supply chain operation, integrate resources, create added value

Zhang Qinghua, general manager, said: China Development Metal adhere to the concept of talent is the core resource of enterprise development and the most important driving force。

Excellent working team, benchmarking the development of the department
(Presentation guest: Wang Qin, General Manager of China Development Group)

Manage performance and improve operating efficiency
(Award guest: Yan Qingqi, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of China Development Group)

Good manager, lead the team to the front line
(Presentation guest: Zheng Yongda, General Manager of China Development Corporation)

Individual performance, drip converge rivers

The best newcomer, the source of hope

Gold butler, business service guarantee

Behind the honor is responsibility, every struggle you are equally good

        China Construction and Development Group, one of the World's top 500 companies and one of the top 50 listed companies in China, is our strong backing。The five suggestions of Wang Qin, general manager of China Development Group, and the three hopes of Zheng Yongda, general manager of China Development Group, have strengthened our confidence in further "becoming bigger, better and stronger", and provided us with a clearer direction for our re-start
More solid steps, committed to "becoming a valuable enterprise for social development"。

        Annual meeting is the form, growth is the purpose, at the same time supporting internal and external two special training, invited well-known information agency steel Home chairman -- Mr. Wu Wenwen to share。We never stop learning to grow in order to remain competitive and develop new values。