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Jianfa Metal and steel Home signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Zhengzhou office officially opened on the same day

Sign a war pact with Steel House

        On May 21, 2019, the "2019 Steel Industry Chain Development Situation Seminar and the 10th Henan Coal Coking Steel Risk Management Forum" co-sponsored by Jianfa Metal, Steelhome, Anyang Iron and Steel and Hongda Iron and Steel was held in Zhengzhou。At the meeting, Jianfa Metal general Manager Zhang Qinghua, Steel Home chairman Wu Wenwen signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two enterprises。The signing of this agreement aims to give better play to the different resource advantages of both sides in the industry, promote the deep cooperation between enterprises in the steel industry, and work together to provide better value-added services for more partners in the steel industry。

        At the meeting, Huang Xiao, general manager of Central China Division of C&D Metal, made a keynote speech of "Sharing resources and common development", introducing the theoretical thinking, development concept and practical effect of C&D Metal in serving customers and providing supply chain value-added services for upstream and downstream customers。He said that as a comprehensive steel supply chain operator, it is no longer our choice to buy low, sell high and take advantage of the market price difference. Instead, it is our choice to provide value-added services for upstream and downstream customers and related customers and pursue win-win cooperation and sustainable development。We hope that more and more enterprises that recognize the professional division of labor, have influence and competitiveness in the steel industry, and have supply chain operation service needs can become our service objects and experience our value-added services。

Zhengzhou office officially opened

     On the same day morning, c&d metal office unveiled the plaque for the opening ceremony in zhengzhou city economic development zone of zhengzhou is the open plaza, c&d metals qing-hua zhang, general manager of Huang Xiao central division general manager for the office。

     The office will rely on the advantageous resources of the national layout of Jifa Metal in the field of steel supply chain, close to the first-line market, to provide the Central Plains customers with logistics, information, finance, business as one of the value-added services of LIFT steel supply chain。

Zhengzhou Office of Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., LTD
903, Building 1, Zhengshang Jingkai Square, Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone
Huang Xiao, General Manager of Central China Division 13871564845
Zhengzhou Office Manager Zhang Wei 18964701255

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