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A new starting point new journey | c&d metals housewarming ceremony is held in ningbo office

       At 9:18 am on May 28, 2019, the housewarming ceremony of Jianfa Metal Ningbo Office was held at Iron & Steel Wisdom Port, Huancheng North Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City. Zhang Qinghua, general manager of Jianfa Metal, and Qiu Rui, general manager of Zhejiang Sheet Department, unveiled the housewarming ceremony of Jianfa Metal Ningbo Office。The relevant leaders of the company and the principal and backbone staff of the board and Changwood Business division in East China attended the ceremony to congratulate the office for moving to the new location。
       Zhang said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony that Ningbo, located in the southeast coast, is the world's third largest port city, with unique port location advantages。Jianfa Metal has been deeply engaged in Ningbo market for many years. This time, the relocation of Ningbo office will bring together the local staff of Zhejiang Board Department, Zhejiang Building Materials Department and current General Department, which will be able to better gather the popularity and wealth, as well as better play the internal synergies。

    The three departments should take this as an opportunity,Relying on Jianfa Metal in the field of steel supply chain national layout of superior resources,Close to the first-tier market,Work together to provide better service for customers in East China,Let more and more customers experience the value-added services of LIFT steel supply chain integrated with logistics, information, finance and business。

Ningbo Office of Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., LTD
Room 3037-3038, Iron & Steel Wisdom Port, No. 621, East Huancheng North Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City

Zhejiang board Department
Qiu Rui 18516267566, Liao Chengwei 15968899889
Zhejiang Building Materials Department
Pengjun Tang 15901995540, Linbing Chen 13661775813
Current general Affairs Department
林 斌 18657160061 

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