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Shared resources and common development | ChengGang c&d metals and river steel group company strategic cooperation intention

        On May 30, Zhang Qinghua, General manager, Fu Guangzhou, Deputy general manager, Chen Renchu, assistant general manager, Zheng Xinan, deputy general manager of Sheet Business Department of Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., Ltd. visited Chenggang Company of Hesteel Group and were warmly received by Party Secretary and Chairman Geng Litang, Deputy General Manager Wang Lei and other leaders of Hesteel Chenggang。

        Geng Litang warmly welcomed the arrival of the group and affirmed the good cooperative relationship and friendship established between Hesteel Chengsteel and Jianguo Metal after more than ten years of wind and rain. He hoped that both sides would do a good job in inheritance and continuation of the work。He said that in recent years, there has been a great change in the concept of the market and customers, and the current orientation is to focus on the customer. We hope that both sides can further expand cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages, and jointly provide better services for customers。

        Zhang Qinghua to Geng Litang chairman of the concept expressed a high degree of recognition。He stressed that Chenggang's steel products have the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, easy welding and corrosion resistance。Have a good reputation in the market。Jianfa Metal has been deeply involved in steel supply chain field for many years,Start with "Share resources,The concept of common development,Committed to providing customers with logistics, information, finance and business in one supply chain services,Has established a nationwide operating outlets and sales network,Hand in hand,Supply chain intermediaries will be reduced,Realize complementary advantages,Together to provide customers with more efficient, more valuable services。

        Afterwards, the two sides held business talks on relevant issues。Zhang Qinghua put forward the specific business needs on behalf of C&F Metal, and put forward the plan on how to cooperate to promote the cold rolled varieties, hot rolled coil, thread, coil, high wire and other varieties in the market。Hegang Chenggang Chairman Geng Litang, deputy general manager Wang Lei expressed recognition and support。

        The two sides on the establishment of a new strategic partnership, hand in hand to provide customers with Chengsteel steel supply services of all varieties reached the intention of cooperation。

Accompanied by Li Wei, general manager of Chenggang Vanadium Titanium Cold Rolled Sheet Co., LTD., Jianfa Metal Group visited the cold rolled sheet production line

Jianfa Metal group and the River Steel Chengsteel related business person in charge of business talks