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Jianfa Metal signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chia Tai Management, and the Handan office was officially opened on the same day

01 Jianfa Metal and Chia Tai Production Management signed a war association

         Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., Ltd. and Handan Zhengda Pipe Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Handan, Hebei province, June 16, 2019。Zhang Qinghua, General manager of Jianfa Metal and Jiang Haidong, vice president of Chia Tai Manufacturing Management Group signed on behalf of both parties。Relevant leaders and some key employees of both companies were present to witness。
         The signing of this agreement aims to further deepen the cooperation based on the existing cooperation, better play their different resource advantages, and work together to provide better value-added services for the steel industry partners。

02 Jianfa Metal Handan office officially opened

        On the same day at 8:18 am, the opening ceremony of Handan Office of Jianfa Metal was held in Baoli Building, Renmin West Road, Fuxing District, Handan City. Zhang Qinghua, general manager of Jianfa Metal, and Chang Mingyuan, general manager of North China Building Materials Department unveiled the opening ceremony of the office。Company related leaders and employees attended the opening ceremony。

        At the opening ceremony, Zhang Qinghua emphasized in his speech: Handan office is the 28th business service network in seven regions of China established by C&D Metal。Each branch of the company is set up in line with the principle of business first。Jianfa Metal has been deeply engaged in Handan market for many years. The establishment of the Handan Office is a good opportunity for our cooperation with steel partners in Handan and the surrounding areas。The office must seize the moment,Develop and make good use of Jianfa metal and Handan area of two aspects of resource advantages,Respond quickly to customer needs,Further promote the in-depth cooperation between enterprises,To enable more customers to experience the value-added services of LIFT steel supply chain integrated with logistics, information, finance and business。

        Chang Mingyuan, general manager of North China Building Materials Department, said that Handan is the second largest iron and steel city in China, with rich resources and complete varieties. Handan gathers a large number of high-quality terminal production enterprises, and is located at the border of four provinces. Handan is an important transportation hub between North China and Shanxi, Hebei, Lu and Henan provinces。Handan office is close to the first-line market, relying on the superior resources of C&D Metal in the country, we are sure to provide value-added services for customers in North China, so that more and more customers can experience the value of our services。

Handan Office of Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., LTD 
Room 1209, Baoli Building, Renmin West Road, Fuxing District, Handan City
Chang Ming Yuan 18920235886
Cao Shijiang 17703101188

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