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Daming Group President Jiang Changhong and his delegation visited Jianfa Metal


        7月29日,Daming Group (Hong Kong listed company,President Jiang Changhong, Purchasing Director Deng Liangfeng, Zhejiang Daming General Manager Chen Zhongwei visited our company,General Manager Zhang Qinghua met with guests at the C&D International Building,Liu Jian, assistant general manager, Zheng Xinan, deputy general manager of Sheet Business Department, accompanied the meeting。

        President Zhang Qinghua extended a warm welcome to President Jiang Changhong and his delegation。He introduced to the guests the development of China Development Group, China Development Shares and China Development Metal in recent years,Core competence and market competitiveness of C&D Metal,The practice and experience of providing "LIFT" supply chain service to customers in the field of steel supply chain were shared,This paper focuses on the significant advantages of China Development Metal in resources and logistics,It is hoped that the two sides can complement each other's strengths and unite strong countries,Create more opportunities for collaboration。

       President Jiang Changhong listened carefully to the introduction of General Manager Zhang Qinghua and spoke highly of the rapid development of C&D Metal in recent years。He reviewed the development process of cooperation between the two sides, affirmed the rapid development of cooperation between the two sides, and gave more expectations for future cooperation. He hoped that Daming Holdings and C&D Metal could jointly explore more converging points in cooperation, create a benign development ecosystem, and jointly provide customers with refined services。

       The two sides exchanged views and reached consensus on the problems to be solved jointly in the cooperation and the future collaborative development, and made clear the goal of achieving the annual growth of cooperation in the next three years。

The two sides took a group photo