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China Development Metal and Shaanxi Steel Hancheng Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony of Party building and co-construction and conducted work exchange, and China Development (Xi 'an) Platform Company was opened

Jianfa Metal and Shaanxi Steel Hancheng Company Party construction contract

Zhao Lin, Party Secretary of Shaanxi Steel Hancheng Company
Zhang Qinghua, Secretary of the Party Branch of C&D Metal, signed the contract

         On Sept. 4, a signing ceremony was held between the branch committee of Xiamen Jianfa Metal Co., Ltd. and the committee of Hancheng Steel Co., Ltd. of China Communist Party of China Shaanxi Steel Group in Xi 'an。The ceremony was presided over by Zhao Lin, Party Secretary of Shaanxi Steel Hancheng Company。

         Zhang Qinghua, Party Branch Secretary and General Manager of Jianfa Metal,Vice General Manager Fu Guangzhou, Sun Long, Wu Huiming,He Weiwei, member of the branch,西北事业部总经理段继军、川渝业务部总经理邱钟生、陕西业务部总经理邱永超;Zhao Lin, Party Secretary of Shaanxi Steel Hancheng Company、副总经理闫武堂、纪委副书记吉永强、营销管理处处长赵刚和相关处室的领导参加了签约仪式。

The two parties shall communicate on party building and business work

        Zhao Lin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Steel Hancheng Company, made an exchange on the work of Party construction, systematically introduced the "11678" working ideas of Shaanxi Steel Hancheng Company in Party construction, shared the enterprise's thinking, practice and experience in focusing on the main business of Party construction and promoting the development of Party construction, which won high praise and rounds of applause from the participants。

        Zhang Qinghua introduced the situation that the Party branch of Jianfa Metal was awarded the "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" in Xiamen on July 1st this year,It also shared the practice, experience and experience of the Party construction of C&D Metal in the aspects of goal leading, example leading, thought leading, performance leading and culture leading,Tells the story of "Jianfa Iron and steel" under the guidance of the party building,It was highly appraised by leaders attending the meeting of Shaanxi Steel Hancheng Company。
        Zhang Qinghua said that the signing of the agreement on Party construction and co-construction sets up a sharing platform for both sides。By using this platform, both sides will be able to better play their respective advantages and further promote the in-depth cooperation and collaborative development while promoting the improvement of the Party building work of both sides。It is hoped that the two sides will work together, cooperate with each other, and strive to reach a new level of cooperation business every year, and jointly make greater contribution to our country's iron and steel industry。

China Development (Xi 'an) Platform Company opened

         On the morning of September 3rd, China Development (Xi 'an) Co., Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony on the 29th floor of the headquarters of EHB Enterprise in Xi 'an Economic and Technological Development Zone。Leaders and employees of CCD and relevant business units attended the opening ceremony。Shaanxi Business Department of China Development Metal will move to China Development (Xi 'an) Platform Company from September 3。

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